Monday, 11 February 2008

A Winter Weekend in Whitstable...

I've just had a flippin' lovely weekend. Yesterday, we woke up to the fourth beautiful day in a row here in Kent and decided that it was just too nice to stay indoors, so we packed up the car and the dog and headed off to Whitstable for a day at the seaside.

We started with a quick walk through the town, although we didn't hang around for too long as every man,woman, child and dog in a 100 mile radius had also decided to get out and make the most of the nice weather, so the little narrow streets and tiny shops were mega crowded.

I'd heard on the Ravelry boards, about Seaside Sadie, a new yarn store that's recently opened in the centre of the town and decided to check it out. I thought it would be a case of sticking my nose against the window and peering in, it being a Sunday and all but, Result! It was open!

Seaside Sadie - Yarn Store, Whitstable, Kent

I did go inside, but I couldn't stay for long, as hubby was hanging around outside, doing his usual foot tapping, looking at his watch routine after a couple of minutes (bloody annoying habit of his).

The lady who owns it is very friendly and we managed to have a bit of a chat about Ravelry, etc. It was really nice to meet a yarn shop owner in Kent who's actually heard of Ravelry! She stocks mostly Colinette with a bit of Debbie Bliss and some Noro too. She also has a lot of materials for felting. The shop is absolutely tiny but she's got the stock arranged in such a way that you don't really feel like you're in a teensy space at all. She's only been open for a couple of months, so it's still early days for the store, but I think it's got real potential to be a great little LYS. She's at 64 Harbour Street right in the centre of the town. Check her out if you're in the area.

No visit to Whitstable is complete without a visit to The Sugar Boy which is a lovely old fashioned sweet shop, stacked from floor to ceiling with jars of sweets that my husband says takes him right back to his childhood. It's strange, because he hates sweets! Growing up in NZ, we didn't have the same huge selection of goodies this place offers. Probably a good thing really, or I'd have a mouth full of fillings by now. Or even worse, no teeth at all because they'd have rotted away from eating too many of these:

Mixed Balls

and these:

Strawberry and Apple Bon Bons from the Sugar Boy, Whitstable


We then spent the rest of the afternoon walking along the beachfront, sitting on the beach and enjoying the sunshine. It was even warm enough to take my coat off, which is very unusual for me as I'm always complaining about feeling cold. Even in the Summer.


Who would've thought that only a week ago this was the weather we woke up to:

Hawkswick - Feb 2008

Weird English weather!

I know I keep changing the theme/colour of my blog but I've decided I didn't like the last change as it made everything look a bit squashed. I'll leave it alone now :)


Ellen Bloom said...

OMG! The photo of the candy is toooo delectable!!! No photos of the inside of Seaside Sadie? What a darling little town.

I'm still investigating flickr applications. How did you do the photo collage? Brilliant!

Alice said...

It sounds and looks like you had a great day! I have never seen candies like the powdery pink and mint green ones in the second picture... what exactly are they?

justclaire said...

Thanks for your comments guys!

Ellen - I used Flickr Toys Mosaic Maker to make the photo collage.

Alice - the candies are called Bon Bons and they are a chewy toffee (caramel) centre, then they are coated in icing sugar (I think you call it either powdered sugar or confectioner's sugar in the US). The pale green ones are coated in Apple flavoured sugar and the pink ones are strawberry. Very yummy!

Alice said...

Those sounds strangely appealing ;) I don't know if we have anything even close to those here in the US!